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Handy hints about your period?

Do not be afraid to consult someone about your period. If there is anything that you have a concern with ask your parents or contact a local nurse hotline or your physician. Keep track of your period each month so that you aren’t surprised when your period starts. It’s also a good idea to keep track of how long your period lasts for, note any mood changes or noticeable cramps.

What are menstrual myths and how do they affect a girl or woman?

Menstruation was a mystery over a hundred years ago when there was no scientific explanation as to why a female’s body produces a menstrual cycle every month. In current times there are no menstrual myth’s except for that a woman can will her period away. This is not true, a woman can not mentally will away her period one month if she so choose. The body’s menstrual cycle is natural and cannot be controlled.