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How to remove Reusable Menstrual Silky Cup?

Why am I finding it difficult to insert my Silky Cup?

Why am I finding it difficult to insert my Silky Cup?


Your user guide should give you all the instructions necessary in order to insert Silky Cup (reusable menstrual cup) properly and comfortably. If it’s still difficult you may try a few different folding methods until you find the one that works for you. Another method would be to open the cup just within the vaginal opening then sliding it into position rather than opening it deeper within.

There are also important things to remember about your Silky Cup. First of all, it should sit lower than a tampon. A tampon is high because it is absorbing the fluid whilst the cup is catching. Some women’s pelvic floor muscles are stronger than others and therefore the cup may naturally find its ‘own’ position which may be higher up. This is okay, but it may cause it to be a little more difficult when retrieving.

Your cervix location is also a factor which may determine where the cup sits. A low cervix will cause the cup to sit lower and vice versa. The location of your cervix may change during your cycle and therefore may cause the cup to change positioning with it, which is also perfectly normal.