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Reusable menstrual cups and feminine hygiene products

Reusable menstrual cups

Women are an integral part of our society, and are always active and vibrant in every field whether it is science, technology, fashion or academics. Despite of rough and tough schedule of professional life these hard working ladies not only manage their families but also take care of their personal belongings. Women possess radical and elegant personality. In order to make herself comfortable and at ease she avail the products which are necessary for the maintenance of her inner hygiene. To feel relax and stress free during work and domestic chores it is ultimate requirement of a lady to comfort herself during the days of menstrual cycle. Tampons or pad are temporary source to make you out of depression but prolong solution for this monthly issue do exist, which is not only affordable but also blessing of the newest technology. This product is introduced in market as silk cups that are used number of times after the first attempt. A bell shaped device that is used during your odd days to absorb wastage fluid. These are Ideal for athletes and sports persons that dislike the other feminine product used for this purpose. These cups are a reusable device that collects fluids other than absorbent products such as tampons. These are often called as silky cups as it wipe out the irritating feel of clothing or cotton.

Substantial features

1. It reduces the waste products of pads and tampons and provides a safe and healthy.

2. These can be purchased once and used many times, in shorts a cost effective product.

3. Without any hesitation you can participate on swimming activities and other sports while the menstrual cycle.

4. You don't have to bring that extra stock with you while traveling just rinse these silk cups and reuse it.


These Menstrual cups are far cheaper than the other product in the market. As monthly budget for these product at least start from Rs .550 to 3000, but silk cups cost only between. 9 -15 rupees monthly as you can easily reuse it.

Comfort level

At first you may find it difficult but after the prior attempt it will be much comfortable and stress-free to wear. With the trim feature you can easily fit it towards your size. Let it give few cycles to try and surely it will bring a feeling of trust and believe. At first you may be known to its presence, after a day or two you will get used to of it. If inserted correctly, the discomfort will eliminate after few day of usage. These silk cups are available all over India at lowest prices and you can also shop it online for all sizes. Forget about the irritating feeling of these temporary pads and grab these cups to provide calmer feeling in your menstrual cycles





What personal care products help aid a female on her period?

Stores sell everything from underwear liners for spotting in between periods to super thick pads depending upon your absorbency level. They also carry feminine wipes, tampons, menstrual cups and diapers.