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What is Menstrual Silky Cups?

What is Menstrual Silky Cups?


A menstrual silky cup is a clean, safe hygienic and reusable alternative to disposable tampons, sanitary napkin, cotton pads and cloth pads. It is basically a soft and flexible cup made out of medical grade material, which is folded into a smaller shape, then inserted into the vagina like a non-applicator tampon there, it expands open naturally, forming a light seal with the vaginal walls. But instead of absorbing menstrual fluid, the menstrual silky cup collects it. Then it is removed, emptied, cleaned and re-used.


Menstrual silky cup made out of 100% medical grade material, the menstrual silky cup is a healthier, more eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads and tampons. It is safe, hygienic, and can be used even by people who are sensitive to latex. Silky cup offer only clear medical grade menstrual cups.


It is far more comfortable than a tampon or pad since it is shape and suppleness adapts perfectly to the vagina walls. It does not leak allowing you to use it in any situation like sleeping, swimming, running, Dancing, Travelling etc. Menstrual Silky cups are the healthy alternative to all those disposables. Best Menstrual cup while swimming